Planning & Scheduling
Genny can help you find local interview partners and experts, search for archive material, and do any additional research you may not want to do, or may not be able to do yourself due to the language barrier. She can help you work out a realistic schedule and make sure you have dealt with all the necessary contracts such as location and contributor releases and existing material licenses, so that you can get everything covered during your stay. She can also give you support finding hotels that are best situated as close as possible to your locations.

Support for your budget
Making quality documentaries on budget has become especially tough these days. Genny has also worked as production manager on some projects and thus knows how important it is to stay within budget without breaking the back of your project. She will get you prices and price ranges for whatever you might need to make your project work. This means that you should already be able to judge in advance whether what you want to do is feasible within your financial means.

Genny can help you find locations that are most fitting for your project. She can also go on a location hunt if required, and find out availability and prices. Additionally she can advise you on where you need to get permissions and take care of any bureaucratic and negotiating tasks. Some high-profile locations need a lot of advance notice, so make sure to let Genny know on time, so she can get you what you want.

Most projects Genny has worked on have required interpretation or translation. There are many people in Austria and Germany who do speak English – at least to certain extent – but as in any country there are many who don’t. Genny can make sure that you can communicate with everyone involved when the language barrier becomes an issue.

Especially in the case of large equipment, you may need to rent locally. This is not always straightforward depending on availability. Genny can source equipment such as cameras, cranes, lighting equipment, costumes and SFX, just to name a few, and also take on smaller tasks such as shopping for food, local mobile phone cards and more before you arrive at the airport. Her main aim here is that you can hit the ground running!

During her career there have been many different requirements for very different projects. Some crews were small, and some crews involved up to 100 people. Genny can thus support your projects by finding additional crew members you may want to hire locally, including actors, make-up artists, soundmen, cameramen, Dolly operators, Grips, security staff, drivers, etc.

Genny works with English-speaking drivers who have worked in the film and music business. They have many years of driving experience and can react well to sudden changes in schedule. If you can’t find the right vehicle – with or without driver – that is suitable for your crew and equipment size, or your protagonists, she can tell you about the possibilities and then organize what you need, such as vans, limousines, taxis you can film in and more.

Depending on your needs Genny will make sure that parts of your project’s themes will be treated with utmost discretion, when required. This is especially important during the prep-phase when high profile celebrities are involved, where you don’t want other people to descend on them while you are trying to film your main protagonist. In these cases only those you choose to work with will be informed when you think the time is right. It is your call, and, if you want, Genny can also organize security personnel.