About Genny

Genny works for television companies and networks from all over the world. This includes several departments of the BBC including Top Gear, CBS – 60 Minutes, ABC, CBC, Lion Television, Tiger Aspect, Wall to Wall to name just a few.

Genny is specialized in working on projects as a Fixer in Austria and Germany and as Associate Producer in the UK when this is required. She moves with the job, and is ready to travel long distances if necessary.

Have a look at the list of projects for more details. Genny is a freelance who does not work through any agents. She will only work exclusively for you to the specifications of your requirements.

She has a well-established network of people around her who supply equipment and staff. Through the many years of work her contacts book is well filled, and if she does not have the right contact to hand she will be quick to find out for you who is responsible and where. Many film and television crews need individual support and help to cross the language barrier, and this is where she can make all the difference.

Having grown up and lived in Austria for many years she understands the mentality of the people of this small and beautiful country and can also act as a mediator to help you get what you need. Please be aware that some authorities here take a while to respond and want a request for permission to film to be sent to them at least a month in advance. In some cases it is possible to get on the fast track, but it may put your schedule at risk. Part of Genny’s job is to give you advice on this.
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