BBC Two – “Remarkable Places to Eat”, Series 2, Vienna

Food writer Rachel Khoo takes Fred to Vienna to experience exquisite coffee and cake, comforting dumplings and mangalitza pork schnitzel from a trailblazing chef.

Fixer in Austria

Sky One / CPL Productions - "A League of Their Own - A European Road Trip 2"

Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp return for another European Road Trip. Joined by a cast of familiar faces to help them along the way, they compete in a series of challenges set by James Corden. Freddie and Jamie meet their brand new teammates, Tom Davis and Maya Jama, and head to the biggest festival in Europe and face James Corden’s latest challenge.

Fixer in Germany

Channel 4 / North One - "Travel Man - 48 hours in Vienna"

Richard Ayoade goes to Vienna with comedian Chris O’Dowd to sample the sausages, cakes, wines and spirits. The pair also take a hot-rod tour, visit a fairground, the Freud museum and the city sewers. Travel Man won an RTS (Royal Television Society) award in the same year this episode was broadcast in 2016.

Fixer in Austria

Channel 5 / Whitworth Media - "Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys – The Alps"

Chris travels thousands of miles by train across mountains, deserts, jungles and warzones.  In the Alps he investigates the evolution of mountain railways, following their progress to the spectacular roof of Europe. In a separate episode Chris travels along the routes of the Holocaust.

Fixer in Austria, Switzerland & Germany

Channel 4 / North One Television - “Travelman - 48 hours in Hamburg”

In Hamburg, Germany’s largest port, Richard and comedian Bob Mortimer take the Beatles historical tour, have the traditional sailors lunch, enjoy custom-made drinks bar, visit the food additives museum, and try a pickled herring sandwich.

Fixer in Germany

Channel 4 / Plum Pictures - “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces”, Series 5, Episodes 1-8

George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making a few of his own. 

Fixer in Germany & Austria

BBC Two - “James May’s Cars of the People”, Series 1

Top Gear presenter James May discovers how the car became an everyday part of normal people’s lives. This is the story of how the world fell in love with motoring. 

Fixer in Germany

BBC - "Top Gear", Series 15, Episode 2 – Germany

The boys put some budget sports saloons through their paces in Europe’s home of speed.

Fixer in Germany

BBC ONE / Wall to Wall - “Who do You Think You Are?“, Series 10, Episode 9, Marianne Faithful

Singer and ’60s pop icon Marianne Faithfull  investigates her mother’s earlier life, as a dancer in 1920s Berlin. Marianne also discovers her half-Jewish mother’s precarious existence in Vienna during World War Two and investigates whether there is any truth in the rumour that the family was involved with the Austrian Resistance. 

Fixer in Austria

Bridgestone / Stamp Productions - "No Matter What: Fabian Hambüchen"

Bridgestone celebrates the spirit of perseverance. It is a campaign celebrating ambassadors and their struggles to achieve sporting success. 

Fabian Hambüchen is 2016 Olympic horizontal bar champion. 

Fixer in Germany.

Bridgestone / Stamp Productions - "No Matter What: Thomas Röhler"

Bridgestone celebrates the spirit of perseverance. It is a campaign celebrating ambassadors and their struggles to achieve sporting success. 

Thomas Röhler won the Gold Medal in the discipline of javelin throw at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 

Fixer in Germany.

Bridgestone / Stamp Productions - "No Matter What: Pierre Vaultier"

Bridgestone celebrates the spirit of perseverance. It is a campaign celebrating ambassadors and their struggles to achieve sporting success. 

Pierre Vaultier has won a total of two gold medals in the Olympic snowboard cross.

Fixer in Austria


Channel 5 / Tiger Aspect - "Paul Merton in Europe"

Series with Paul Merton discovering new aspects of Europe.

Fixer in Germany

BBC One - "Around the World in 80 Days - Children in Need"

Six pairs of celebrities are set to race against the clock in Around The World In 80 Days – an ambitious global relay, re-enacting the epic odysseys of Phileas Fogg and Michael Palin for a 21st-century audience. Austria/Germany Fixer, leg 1 with Comedians Frank Skinner and Lee Mack.

Fixer in Austria

BBC Four / BBC Studios - "Mackintosh Glasgow’s Neglected Genius"

Glasgow artist Lachlan Goudie examines the life, work and legacy of Scotland’s most celebrated architect and designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh – the man Lachlan Goudie calls ‘the greatest genius in the history of Scottish art’.

Fixer in Austria

History Television / Kensington Media - "Museum Secrets – Vienna” Episode 13"

A visit to the premises of the Kunsthistorische Museum, where secrets about Cellini’s Saliera, exploding 15th century armour, the Waltz, an Alchemist coin, an Emperors falconry gear and the Royal Portraits of the Habsburgs are revealed.

Fixer in Austria

BBC History / Discovery Channel - "Nuremberg: The Nazis on Trial"

Three-part drama-doc about the Nuremberg trials. 3 x 60 minutes.

Associate Producer

BBC Four / Open University - “Genius of the Modern World – Freud”

Series in which Bettany Hughes retraces the lives of great modern thinkers. She travels to Vienna on the trail of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis.

Fixer in Austria

BBC Two / Hopscotch Films - "Stop All the Clocks: W.H. Auden in an Age of Anxiety"

Thirty-five years after his BBC film The Auden Landscape, director Adam Low returns to the poet and his work.

Fixer in Austria

Channel 4 / Rex Entertainment - “KZ”

92” award-winning documentary (incl. Amnesty International award) on the consequences, then and now, of life in and around the former Mauthausen concentration camp and the village of the same name.

Fixer in Austria

Channel5 / Tiger Aspect - "Paul Merton’s Adventures: The Alps"

Sseries with Paul Merton, where he explores the world of mind, body and spirit

Fixer in Austria

BBC One / Discovery Channel / Lion Television - "Cleopatra - Portrait of a Killer"

Based on new and exclusive forensic evidence, this new one-off 60-minute special reveals a darker and more ruthless side to the Queen of Egypt.

Associate Producer



Discovery Channel / October Films - "Outrageous Acts of Science/You have been warned – Hot Air Ballooning Underground”

The incredibly highly skilled Guinness World Record holder Ivan Trifonov is the first person to ever drive a hot air balloon underground. Amazing footage is shown as he completes this incredibly dangerous task. The show is a fast-paced countdown of the world’s top 20 YouTube science stunts and experiments.  

Fixer in Austria

American Express - "Sneek Peak: Salzburg"

Amex Insider, Alex Zane, gives you a sneak peek into some of the spectacular vantage points, magnificent ice caves and once-in-a-lifetime activities on offer.

Fixer in Austria

Travel Channel - “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations Vienna”

Andrew Zimmern samples the cuisine of Vienna and enjoys Sachertorte, an Austrian dessert dating back to the 1800s, and other classics such as schnitzel, frankfurter sausage and more enjoyed by emperors and commoners alike. 

Fixer in Austria

Travel Channel / Karga Seven Pictures - “Booze Traveller – Austria is good for you”

The actor and adventurer, Jack Maxwell heads to downtown Franking to sip on one of Austria’s most famous drinks, visits a distillery in Upper Austria to taste the famous (and quite expensive) eau-de-vie, and much more.

Fixer in Austria

Channel 4 / Betty - “Burger Bar to Gourmet Star”, Series 1, Episode 2

Some of Britain’s best chefs train up some of the country’s worst. The newbies then pose as seasoned professionals in world class kitchens. Self-confessed ‘terrible cook’ Aylin leaves her Welsh burger van behind to be trained at Manchester House and then travels to the two star Michelin restaurant Taubenkobel in Austria.

Fixer in Austria

BBC Four - "Vienna 1900 - City of Dreams"

90” documentary. Joseph Koerner explores the exquisite art, architecture and music of fin de siecle Vienna.

Fixer in Austria

BBC Timewatch - "The Mystery of the Missing Ace"

50” documentary about Wing Commander Adrian “Warby” Warburton, who went missing in action over Germany in 1944. 

Fixer in Germany

BBC Timewatch - "Lost Heroes of the Tirpitz"

Documentary about three English midget submarines which attacked and sank the German battleship Tirpitz

Fixer in Germany

BBC Timewatch - "The Making of Adolf Hitler"

Documentary about the first 30 years in Hitler’s life directed by Tilman Remme.

Fixer in Austria

BBC Correspondent - "The Haider Show"

Documentary investigating the Austrian right wing politician and phenomenon Jörg Haider and his use of language, fashion and symbolism to catch votes.

Fixer in Austria

Travel Channel / Susie Films - “Jackson Wild: Austria: EJ vs. Dane”

What if you could make a living by traveling the world with your family? The Jacksons are the “First Family of Kayaking” and are doing just that. In Austria they take on paragliding the Alps & battling on the Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship. 

Fixer in Austria

HISTORY® UK / Avalon UK - “Al Murray: Why does everyone hate the English?", Episode 5 with Henning When

Through the show, Al and Henning chat about the acrimonious history between the two nations from England stealing Christmas to two World Wars and one World Cup.

Fixer in Germany

CBS 60 Minutes II - “The Fastest Sport on Earth"

Item about the top two speed skiers Jeff Hamilton and Harry Egger competing for the World Record title.

Fixer in Austria

Channel 5 - “Cruising with Jane McDonald”, Series 1, Episode 3

Jane sails the Danube on one of the most luxurious ships of its type as she makes her first foray into the realms of the river cruise. She visits the Szechenyi Baths in Budapest and meets a princess in Vienna. 

Fixer in Austria

CBC / Fource Four Entertainment (Canada) - “Corrie Crazy"

Documentary special presented by Canadian celebrity star Debbie Travis for the 50th anniversary of the UK’s longest running soap-opera Coronation Street.

Location Manager for Manchester and surrounding area, Field Producer / Director for additional shoot

ITV - “Long Lost Family”, Series 6, Episode 1

The award-winning documentary series returns to ITV as presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reunite more family members with their missing loved ones. Father and daughter are reunited in the small town of Hameln in Germany.

Fixer in Germany

BBC Four - “Pappano’s Essential Ring Cycle”

To celebrate the bicentenary of Wagner’s birth, Sir Antonio Pappano, the charismatic music director of the Royal Opera House, guides through the epic composition which changed opera and the theatre for ever – the Ring of the Nibelungen.

Fixer in Germany

BBC Four / Silverapples Media - “Shadowing the Third Man”

90-minute documentary exploring the making of Graham Greene’s all time classic film noir ‘The Third Man’.

Location Manager in Austria

CBC-TV / Lightship Entertainment - “Sonic Magic: The Wonder and Science of Sound"

Sound is affecting us, and the world we inhabit, in many fascinating and surprising ways. Sonic Magic: The Wonder and Science of Sound reveals the historic power, promise, and potential of sound – and a strange phenomenon called cymatics that has created a new scientific mystery.

Fixer in UK

BBC Science & Nature - “The Future”, Part 3, The Quantum Revolution

A 3-part series, Professor Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist and string-theory pioneer) explores 3 technological revolutions – Computer, Bimolecular and Quantum Physics.

Fixer in Austria

3Sat / ORF Religion - “Tomorrow is just another day”

Documentary about the daily life of long-term patients in a mental home near Vienna.

Fixer in Austria

Google Europe / Across the Pond Productions - “Mailüfterl: an Austrian star of European computing”

The Mailüfterl ran its first calculation on May 27, 1958 and became mainland Europe’s first fully transistorized computer—and one of the earliest in the world. 

Fixer, translator and interviewer  in Austria

BBC Four - "British Jews"

A documentary based on Jewish people living in the UK.

Fixer in Austria

History Channel / Karga 7 Pictures - “Hunting Hitler”, Series 3, Episodes 2-5

After declassified FBI files about Hitler have been released, a group of specialists work together to try and find the truth of Hitler’s supposed death. The show was conceived due to the declassification of Federal Bureau of Investigation documents from 1947.

Fixer in Austria and South Tyrol (Italy), support in Germany

Fabrica SpA (Italy) - “Holy War"

Documentary about commercial hell at Christmas.

Location Manager in Austria

Talpa / ITV / SBS6 - "Op Zoek naar Eeuwige Jeugd"

Dutch Singer / Presenter Patty Brard and TV and radio presenter Cornelis Heuckeroth go on a search for eternal youth. In Austria they are in for some hot and cold surprises and Cornelis sees his dream fulfilled of meeting a family member of the Empress Elisabeth.

Fixer in Austria

CBS - "60 Minutes - Hitler's Lake"

An underwater expedition in search of boxes concealing dark secrets, sunk in Lake Toplitz at the end of WWII.

Broadcast Associate in Austria

CBS - "60 Minutes - Hitler’s Secret Archive"

Item about an archive in Germany holding 50 million documents as legacy of WWII.

Fixer in Germany

CBS - "60 Minutes - Buried in the Past"

Item about two orphaned brothers.

Fixer in Austria

Wega Filmproductions - “The Secret of the Sherpas”

Nepal, a documentary where Mingma-Dorjee Sherpa leads on a journey through the Himalayan mountains on the search for the historical and cultural origins of the Sherpa.

Location Manager in Nepal

TLC-Discovery / Figure8Films - “Counting On", Season 9, Episode 2

The hills are alive for Josiah and Lauren as they go on their Austrian honeymoon; while there, they re-enact scenes from The Sound of Music and visit with a local family.

Fixer in Austria

Faithful Hound / Online Content - “The Frankfurt Job"

Documentary style online adverts fronted by broadcaster Alhan Gencay and investigative reporter Billie JD Porter who both submerge in everyday Frankfurt life. They compete in who did the better Frankfurt job and uncovered the true soul of the Rhine-Main Area. Fixer in Germany.

Fixer in Germany